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Buy guitar player T-shirts, jewelry and more. If you're looking for unique birthday gifts or Christmas gift ideas, you've come to the right place. Find keychains, miniatures, accessories and more.

Guitar Player Gift IdeaGuitar Gifts

guitar signs

Guitar Necklace

Electric Guitar Cuff Links

guitar scarf

Personalized Acoustic Guitar Sign
Acoustic Guitar Sign

Guitar Necklace

Guitar Necklace

Acoustic Guitar Cuff Links
Acoustic Guitar
Cuff Links

Guitars Scarf
Guitar Scarf

guitar earrings Guitar Gift betty boop on guitar guitar charm bracelet

Guitar Wood Earrings
Guitar Earrings

Guitar Watch

Guitar Watch
Betty Boop on Guitar
Betty Boop Figurine

Guitars Charm Bracelet
Guitar Charm Bracelet

Guitar Sign - Rock 'N' Roll

Jimi Hendrix Guitar Poster

Guitar Gift

Guitar Poster with Chords

Guitar Sign
Rock 'N' Roll

Rock 'n Roll Guitar Sign

Jimi Hendrix
Guitar Poster

Jimi Hendrix Guitar Poster

Guitar Air Freshener - Stratocaster
Guitar Air Freshener

Guitar Poster
with Chords

Guitar Cords Poster

Guitar Gift

Guitar T-shirt Electric Guitar Classics 2012 Wall Calendar

 Guitar Car Magnet

Guitar Scales Wall Chart
Guitar Scales Poster

Got Guitar?
Guitar Tshirt
Electric Guitar Classics Wall Calendar
Guitar Calendar

Fender Guitar Car Magnet
Guitar Magnet is the place - and it's an easy website name to remember! If you're in the market for guitar gifts, simpy go to Check out our line of guitar jewelry. From necklaces to earrings and even cuff links, you'll find something special for the guitar player in your life right here. We have cool guitar T-shirts, hat and even stickers. Do they have a music studio or a practice space? We've got artwork and decorative figurines that would make great decor for their special practice room. You'll also find guitar mugs, posters and even pens that make practical gifts for any occasion., has tons of gift ideas for that special musician in your life.

Acoustic Guitar Air Freshener

Guitar Gift

Guitar Gift

Guitar Gift

Air Freshener

Guitar Air Freshener

Modern Guitar Methods Book / CD / DVD
Modern Guitar DVD

Mini Guitar Clock
- Brass

Brass Guitar Clock

Guitar Clock
Guitar Pendulum Clock

acoustic guitar keychain

guitar clock

electric guitar keychain

guitar keychain

Wood Acoustic Guitar Keychain
Acoustic Guitar Keychain

Mini Guitar

Guitar Clock

Red Electric Guitar Keychain
Guitar Keychain

Pewter Acoustic Guitar Keychain
Pewter Acoustic Guitar Keychain

Buy a Guitar Gift for your loved one today. Pick from T-shirts, hats, stickers and more. We also have Christmas ornaments, clocks, keychains and unique guitar mugs. You'll also find cool ties, posters, pens and belt buckles
for the acoustic or electric player in your band. The website is concise and easy to remember. You'll find just
the right gift idea for guitar players at Guitar Gifts.

Christmas Ornament - Acoustic Guitar

guitar ornaments

Guitar Gift

Skeleton Guitar Player Figurine

Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar Ornament

Electric Guitar
Christmas Ornaments

Electric Guitars Ornaments

American Flag Guitar Ornament
Guitar Ornament

Skeleton Guitar Player Figurine
Guitarist Figurine

Elvis with Guitar Musical Figurine

guitar smurf

hidden treasure drum kit

rock guitar figurine

Elvis with Guitar Musical Figurine
Elvis Figurine

Smurf Guitar Player
Smurf Guitar Player

Metal Rock Guitarist
Guitar Figurine

Classic Rock Skeleton Guitarist
Rock Guitar Figurine

Guitar Gift

Guitar Hat

Classic Guitars Tie

Acoustic Guitar Keychain

Guitars II Tie
Guitars Tie

Got Guitar? Hat
Guitar Hat

Classic Guitars
Silk Tie

Guitars Tie

Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar Keychain

guitar gift

Miniature Acoustic Guitar

guitar minature

Miniature Guitar - Red

Electric Guitar Toilet Seat
Guitar Toilet Seats

Acoustic Guitar

Mini Acoustic Guitar

Guitar Sculpture
Guitar Sculptures

Miniature Electric
Guitar - Red

Mini Electric Guitar

Buy Guitar Gifts for him. Does he like T-shirts, hats, or guitar stickers? Maybe he'd like a cool keychain or pen for the office. If he's a coffee drinker, check out our cool guitar mugs. You can't go wrong with the guitar pick punch, one of the hottest items this year. Of course you'll also find guitar signs, figurines, ornaments, keychains, and tons of guitar accessories like tuners, guitar straps and more. Whether he plays acoustic guitar or electric guitar, you'll find tons of music gift ideas here at Tell your friends where they can now buy a guitar player gift for their loved one.

guitar mug

Christian Guitar Sticker

guitar decals

Guitar Girl Sticker

Tools of the Trade
Guitars Mug

Christian Guitar

Christian Guitar Sticker

Monster Guitarist Sticker
Guitar Decal

Guitar Girl Sticker
Guitar Girl Sticker

guitar mugs

guitar mug guitar mug guitar decals

Get Amp'd Mug
Guitar Mugs

Rock N Roll Mother Guitar Mug
Guitar Mugs

Mona Lisa Guitar Mug
Guitar Player Mugs

Rock Band Guitar Decal
Rock Band Decal

guitar accessory

guitar key covers

guitar strap

guitar gifts

Guitar Sidekick iPod Holder
Guitar Accessories

Guitar Key Covers
Guitar Gifts

Guitar Strap - Zebra
Guitar Zebra Strap

Guitar Player Wine Holder
Guitar Player Wine Holder

Buy a Guitar Gift for your loved one today. Choose from guitar T-shirts, hats, stickers and more. Looking for a cool figurine? We've got that. Need a unique guitar ornament for the tree? We've got that too! From clocks to eychains and more, you'll love our large selection of guitarist gifts. Buy them a cool mug or a themed tie for the office. Or maybe they'd like a poster for their practice studio. You'll find the right gift idea for guitar players at Guitar Gifts.

More Unique Music Gifts

If you need Gift Ideas for Guitar Players, you've come to the right place. From personalized signs to mugs to jewelry and more, we've got unique products that display their passion. Whether it be for a birthday, Christmas or recital, you'll find something in our store. We have guitar gifts for men and women that play either acoustic or electric.

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If you need Guitar Gifts, you've come to the right place! Since 1999, we've been offering up exciting music gifts for musicians everywhere. While starting out as a drummer gift shop only, we would soon expand our offering to represent music gifts for all musicians. We later carved out a few places online where we could focus exclusively on those individual instruments. was one of those places. Whether you're looking for a birthday or Christmas gift for a guitar player or just something special to show your appreciation, we can fix you up. Find T-shirts, mugs, posters and more. If they play guitar, we've got something for them. Thanks for visiting and feel free to contact us if you need assistance.

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